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Cabana Vans: A Hotel That Travels With You


I have always, always, always dreamt of doing a van-life road trip. From as short as a week, to as long as a few months, the idea of driving through National Parks while having the freedom and flexibility of the open road always drew me in. I couldn’t think of anything better. And so when Cabana Vans reached out for a partnership to take one of their vans around California, I was immediately in!

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road” — Jack Kerouac, On the Road

This post is sponsored by Cabana Vans, but all thoughts and views are my own.

Welcome to Cabana Vans

Cabana Vans is a mobile hotel, van rental company based out of Seattle, Washington, and are launching in Los Angeles December of 2020. Their mission is simple— a hotel that travels with you. By converting Ford Transit High Roof vehicles into mini boutique hotels, they combined luxury comfort and the freedom of mobility into one. With thoughtfully designed spaces and high end amenities, Cabana Vans allow you to roam both freely and comfortably.

Booking Your Cabana Van

Cabana Vans are currently available for booking in Seattle Washington, and are rolling out through Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco, in 2020 & 2021, alongside Denver, Colorado! Booking your Cabana Van is as simple as booking a hotel. Everything is done through their mobile app, and the only difference is choosing your pick up and drop off location. In Seattle, the current pick up/drop off locations include Ballard, Capitol Hill, Fremont, and SeaTac Park. In Los Angeles, we picked up in Downtown LA.
You’ll need to be at least 25 years in order to book and operate the vehicle.The vans can only accommodate 2 people while on the road (a driver’s seat and passenger seat/ 2 seatbelts) but is pet friendly!! We love cute doggos!!

Hotel Style Amenities

The sleek design of the Cabana Van makes traveling on the road incredibly luxurious. Every aspect of the van is incredibly well thought out and provides more than enough storage to travel comfortably. The queen size bed has an 8 inch thick memory foam mattress and has 4 pillows. Trey is 6’0 tall and slept comfortably throughout the night!

The van also includes a bathroom that consists of a shower and five-gallon toilet which should last about 4-5 days before having to change it out. The shower comes with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash from Beekman 1802 and the toilet has local bamboo toilet paper. There is also a full body mirror inside the bathroom!

Wifi is included in the van with a 24 inch smart TV so you can watch Netflix, Hulu, Prime & more!

Cabana Vans also provides K-Cups and a coffee maker! The coffee comes from Storyville Coffee Beans (local Seattle company!) You’ll also find a couple of complimentary water bottles, but keep in mind the water from the sink is not drinkable!

Kitchen Amenities

There are two different options when booking the Cabana Van– one comes with a kitchenette while the other comes with no kitchen but extra storage.

The kitchen comes with a dual burner propane stoves, a secondary sink, and counter space for food preparation with drawers underneath. Each pull out kitchenette comes with bamboo utensils, a pot, and pan. All you have to do to use it is slide it out of the backside of the van and slide it in once done! Super simple!

There is also an exterior shower head that can be pulled out in the back of the van near the kitchenette, which is perfect for a post- swim or a muddy hike.

Storage Space

Upon entering the Cabana Van, you will see a coat closet with hangers. The storage underneath opens outward and can fit 2 carry on sized suitcases. The suitcase space also slides out for easy access!

There is also an interior kitchen space which includes a 30 liter refrigerator drawer, a sink, and a trash can underneath the sink. There’s two more large pull-out cabinets under the refrigerator, which we used for all of our snack & food storage. The refrigerator works great and we had no issues keeping our food cold!

There is also additional space for 1 more suitcase, shoes, or firewood/tools in the back of the van by the kitchenette!

Safety & Comfort

This van drives about the same as a large SUV, and also has a back up camera which helps so much! The van itself includes a thermostat and heater that gets power from its van’s fuel supply on colder nights. There’s also a ceiling fan to cool down the interior for summer days!

Most of the amenities are powered by two batteries and solar panels. Outlets and USB ports are located all throughout the van to charge any electronics. There are also window shades for every window at night time for sleeping privacy. Behind the main coat closet is a safe if you want to lock up any personal belongings when not in the van.

With everything that Cabana Vans has to offer, there is no reason why anyone wouldn’t want to book this hotel on wheels! It’s perfect to see if Van Life is something you’re interested in, or just to try something totally different. Plus, nothing beats rolling straight out of bed and being exactly where you want to be!

xx jules

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