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Amalfi Coast Itinerary & Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting


The Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful and picturesque destinations in Italy. With its stunning coastline, colorful villages, and delicious food and wine, it’s the perfect place to spend a relaxing holiday. And out of all of the villages in the Amalfi Coast, Positano will always be my absolute favorite. For full transparency, the Amalfi Coast and Positano are not the EASIEST places to travel to, but they are by far one of the most BEAUTIFUL places to travel to. And all in all, worth every penny. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, a relaxing beach vacation, or a cultural Mediterranean experience with delicious food & wine, the Amalfi Coast has something to offer everyone. Here is an Amalfi Coast Itinerary, along with everything you’ll need to know before visiting!


Geographical Location: The Amalfi Coast is located in the Campania region of Italy, and it overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea and Gulf of Salerno. There’s 13 main villages/towns along the Amalfi Coast, but the major ones that most people visit are Amalfi, Positano, Atrani, Ravello, and Praiano. In my opinion, the most beautiful ones along the coast are Positano, Ravello, and Amalfi. 

Best Time to Visit: 
The late spring and early fall months (May & September/October), are the best months to visit because of the weather will be more comfortable and the crowds will be a lot less than peak of summer.

Summer is always an ideal and easy travel season, but for a village coastline like the Amalfi where there isn’t that much physical space, the coast will be jam packed with both domestic and international travelers. You’ll also be looking at PEAK prices, shoulder to shoulder crowds, and scorching hot weather, so I don’t personally don’t recommend visiting June-August if you can avoid it.

Winter season may seem ideal, because it’s more affordable and the weather will still be mild, but most cafes and restaurants will be closed for the season. The beach clubs will also be closed and the beach excursions will not be operating. The coast is very sleepy during the winter season.

Weather: September/October weather is my favorite because the highs are in the 80’s and low’s are in the 60’s and 70’s. Peak season is 80’s and up to 90’s.

Currency: Euros; major credit cards accepted (AMEX is still hit or miss)

Languages: English & Italian

Outlets: The EU Standard Outlet plug type C is widely used 

Getting Around & Transportation: The easiest way to get from village to village within the Amalfi Coast is the SITA bus. These buses run between 6AM to 10PM. Tickets are sold at the train stations or at any bar/tabacchi shop. Once you’re in the village, it’s very common to walk from place to place but keep in mind the stairs are out of this world. Every day will be a work out in and of itself.

You can also take the ferry to get between certain villages and especially to get to the island of Capri. Alternatively, there are taxis (no ubers), but they can be extremely costly. I also do not recommend renting a car, because there are only two roads going in and out of Amalfi, so it can get very tight and jam packed with traffic. There’s also no where to park!

Views from sunset boat ride with Blue Star Positano (left) and Spiaggia Grande Beach (right)


This is arguably the most complicated part about getting the Amalfi. There are so many different ways to get to the Coast depending on your location, budget, personal preference, and time. I personally always recommend the semi-private transfer, but here is a breakdown of all the ways to get to the Amalfi Coast.

Ferry Tickets from Naples to Capri, Views from Positano from Hotel Conca d’Oro, Positano Vintage Dream Fiat Car, Capri Gardens View (left to right)

Getting to the Amalfi Coast By Plane

First off, you’ll of course have to fly. The nearest airport to get to the Amalfi Coast is Naples International Airport (NAP) and the second closet airport is the Leonardo Da Vinci Airport or Fiumicino (FCO).

  • NAP — 50 km to Amalfi Coast
  • FCO — 290 km to Amalfi Coast

From the airports, you can get to the Amalfi Coast by car, bus, train, and ferry!

Getting to the Amalfi Coast By Car

There are tons of car services that offer both private and semi-private transfers from both airports to the Amalfi Coast and the prices vary. This is the most convenient and comfortable option.

Private Transfer: A comfortable vehicle for just yourself and your party (alongside all of the luggages), can be anywhere between 400 to 500+ euros from Rome, and up to 100 euros from Naples. This is the safest and most comfortable transfer, as they’ll take you as close to your hotel as possible, and then hotel porters will assist with luggage. 

Semi Private Transfers: A comfortable vehicle for yourself and your party, but could include other guests. Sometimes they will also charge additional if you have extra luggage. This can run anywhere between 80 to 150 euros per person from Rome, and 50 euros from Naples. Oftentimes, they will have a specific drop off location but will get you as close to your hotel as possible. Last time, we booked a semi private transfer and got so lucky that we had the vehicle to ourselves! This is my personal recommendation. 

We used Positano Shuttle Service (but prices have gone up significantly since our last trip.

  • Drive Time from Rome: Roughly 3 Hours
  • Drive Time from Naples: Roughly 1 Hour & 15 minutes

Getting to Amalfi Coast via Public Transportation

There are both train and bus services from Rome & Naples to the Amalfi Coast. From Rome, it would be best to take the train and then transfer to a local bus once you get to Salerno, which is the beginning town and general departure town for the coast. From there, you’ll most likely have to connect to another local bus. And once you get closest to your stop, you’ll have to walk to your hotel. Keep in mind all of the stairs and distance! This is what public transit would look like from Rome —

  • Take the Fiumicino Aeroporto train to the Roma Termini Station — 30 minute ride
  • Next, transfer trains from the Roma Termini Station to Napoli Centrale — 40 minute ride
  • From Naples, take the Ferry to Sorrento — 40 minutes, OR take the City Center Napoli Train Station local train to Sorrento — 1 hour 15 minutes
  • From Sorrento, take the SITA bus stop to the village you’re staying at.

This would cost anywhere between 75 to 100 euros depending on the train ticket and class. Additionally, it could take anywhere between 3 to 5 hours. Depending on the transfers, you might have a bit of walking to do too, especially with luggage. I don’t recommend the train for this particular route, because I’ve heard terrible stories about people getting pickpocketed and their luggages stolen. I love the train system in Italy, as I think they’re super affordable, very cheap, comfortable and clean. But worrying about luggage on up to a 3 hour train ride can be stressful!! Especially with multiple transfers. To counter this, I’ve heard people using locks on their luggage to secure them to the train racks!

When you look at 75 to 100 euros for public transit versus 500 euros for private, I definitely understand the appeal! But again, it all depends on your budget and personal preference! 

Getting to Amalfi Coast by Ferry

If you fly into Naples, you can easily get to the port and take a ferry into different towns within Amalfi. Nine times out of ten, there will be ferry’s from Naples to Salerno or Sorrento. Depending on the time of day and the season, there will also be other ferry stops including Positano! The ferry ride is about 2 hours and can run up to 50 euros. Make sure you keep an eye out for the high speed ferries as well!

Sunset Boat Ride in Positano


Salerno — the biggest transportation hub on the Amalfi Coast. It’s also comparatively affordable, so a good option to use as home base

Ravello — one of my favorites! If this is not your first time visiting the Amalfi Coast, I would highly recommend spending a lot of time there to explore all of the unique and beautiful corners of Ravello. It sits high on the hill along the coast, so you’ll always have stunning views. 

Amalfi — Amalfi is small and easy to visit! Amalfi is apparently the birth place of limoncello too, and it’s great to stop by for a stroll and some shopping. There’s actually not that much to do in my opinion, and you’d think otherwise considering the coast is named after this town!

Praiano — Praiano is less touristy than Amalfi and Positano, but a good place to make your central location because it’s more affordable and quiet! There’s also a lot of beautiful hotels in this area. 

Positano — Positano is my absolute favorite. The colorful buildings along the water with the ocean views are just unmatched. But keep in mind it is probably the most expensive out of all the villages!

Sorrento — Another transportation hub like Salerno. Sorrento is also very beautiful but doesn’t have sandy beaches. It’s really easy to access all of the towns from Sorrento, which makes it a popular hub. 

Capri — An absolute must! Take a day trip via ferry to this gorgeous island. 


Scialatielli ai frutti di mare — a seafood pasta, usually made with mussels, clams, and sometimes scallops or calamari
Cuoppo d’Amalfi — A street food consisting of fried fish and squid in a paper cone!! A calamari cone! 
Mozzarella di bufala Campana — a mozzarella cheese dish specific to the campagna region. Oftentimes it’s served as an appetizer with vegetables and prosciutto
Spaghetti alle vongole — one of my favorites, which is spaghetti and clams 
Lemons!! — literally anything lemon, from pasta to gelato, to limoncello!
Delizia Al Limone — a Lemon Delight, which is a fluffy sponge cake with limoncello cream on the outside
Limoncello — an alcoholic beverage with lemon and sugar 


The most ideal Amalfi Itinerary breakdown would be making Positano home base, and taking day trips to the other villages. Here are some sample 5, 7 and 10 day travel itineraries! You can also make Ravello, Praiano, or Amalfi your home base.

5 Day Amalfi Coast Sample Itinerary
• 2 Days in Positano
• Day Trip to Ravello
• Day Trip to Amalfi
• Day Trip to Capri

7 Day Amalfi Coast Sample Itinerary
• 2 Days in Positano
• Day Trip to Ravello
• Day Trip to Amalfi
• Day Trip to Capri
• Day Trip to Sorrento
• Day Trip to Ischia

10 Day Amalfi Coast Sample Itinerary
• 2 Days in Positano
• 2 Days in Ravello
• Day Trip to Amalfi
• 2 Days in Capri
• Day Trip to Sorrento
• Day Trip to Ischia and Procida
• Day Trip to Pompeii on the way back to Naples

Sunset Swim at Spaggia Grande, Vintage Fiat Rental, Spaggia Grande (left to right)


The Amalfi Coast can be extremely expensive during peak season. And also very limited. A room in a popular hotel in Positano over the summer is around 800 euros per night. If you find a great deal, I would highly recommend going for it because there is no better place to make home base. But the bus systems are so great and you can save a TON of money by staying in a smaller or less popular village like Praiano or Ravello. The buses run as early as 6AM too.

If Positano was your home base —
High End Luxury — Le Sirenuse
Moderate Luxury — Hotel Conca d’Oro (where we stayed)
Moderate – Hotel Casa Albertina

If Ravello was your home base —
High End Luxury — Caruso, a Belmond Hotel
Moderate Boutique Luxury — Villa Piedemonte
Unique Experience — Villa Scarpariello Relais

If Capri was your home base —
High End Luxury — Hotel Punta Tragara
Moderate Luxury — Pazziella Gardens & Suites
Moderate Boutique Hotel — Casa Mariantonia

Shopping in Capri


Sunset Boat Ride

I highly recommend doing a sunset boat ride along the Amalfi coast or to Capri. My favorite time is definitely sunset, as you’ll catch the most beautiful and romantic lighting!! To this day, doing this sunset tour in Positano was one of the best days of my life! We started in Positano and stopped by Fiordo Di Furore for a bit. There, we jumped off the boat and into the water to swim. Once the light began to drop, we went back to Positano to watch the sunset behind the village.

I highly recommend booking with Blue Star Positano! This was the same company we used and had an absolutely wonderful experience!

Vintage Fiat Car Rental

We rented a Vintage fiat convertible and drove it along the coast with stops in Ravello & Amalfi! It was so much fun and such a beautiful experience. I would only recommend it if you are comfortable driving a manual car. Driving on the Amalfi Coast is stressful enough with the small and narrow roads, let alone driving with a car you’re uncomfortable with! 

The company we used for our Vintage Fiat Car Rental is Positano Vintage Dream. You can rent by the half day or full– just keep in mind all of the cars are manual. If you are not comfortable with driving a manual, you can also book a photoshoot. They’ll charge by hour and a driver will take you around Positano and help you with all of the best photo spots.

Go to the Beach Clubs

There are so many beach clubs to pick from all throughout the Amalfi Coast, and they all have their own unique charm. My personal favorite is Spiaggia Grande which is the main Positano Beach Club! I also love One Fire in Praiano, which is super vibrant and fun! Make sure you get there by 4PM to experience their famous “watermelon time!” Certain beach clubs even offer boat shuttles to and from different villages. The easiest way is to Whatsapp them and ask!

Typically, the beach clubs charge by chair. During peak season, a front row chair can run you 35 euros, and the back rows will be 25. Prices vary season to season!

Take the Ferry to Capri

Capri is so special and beautiful. It’s very quaint and charming, and you can catch the ferry to Capri from different towns and villages along the coast. When you arrive, make sure you stop by the Augustus Gardens– they have the most beautiful views of the famous Capri rocks!

Day Trip to Ravello

I didn’t spend nearly as much time in Ravello as I would’ve liked the last time we were on the Amalfi Coast. But it is so incredibly beautiful and quaint. And much less touristy! Make sure you stop by Villa Cimbrone. It might be familiar to you, as it’s a famous location where they filmed Aquaman! The Terrace of Infinity is absolutely stunning and a must.

Hope you found this blog post helpful when curating your Amalfi Coast Itinerary!! This coastline is truly unlike any other. If you have any questions, drop them below!




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